OfferUp Business Referral Program Rules

Last Updated: June 3, 2024

Active customers (“Customer/s” or “You”) of an OfferUp seller program (which includes the OfferUp Verified Dealer Program, OfferUp Business or OfferUp Pro, collectively, a “Seller Program”) who are in good standing according to OfferUp, and comply with the rules set forth below, are eligible to participate in this referral program by referring new customers to OfferUp (a “Referral/s”). Once a Valid Referral (defined below) is successfully completed and Customer complies with the rules and process set out below, Customer may earn referral credit/s (“Credit”) that are applied to their monthly OfferUp service fees. OfferUp reserves the right to revise these Referral Program Rules at any time and without notice. For updates on the referral program, Customer should regularly review this program rules page.

 Referral program process:

1. To submit a Referral to OfferUp, Customer must either (i) e-mail their account manager and include the following information about the Referral: contact name, e-mail, telephone number, and address, or (ii) follow the referral process outlined in the online business portal, which includes sending the Referral a custom referral link that takes them to a form the Referral must then fill out.

2. OfferUp will then reach out to the Referral and attempt to sign the Referral on as a customer. If the Referral does not sign up with OfferUp within 90 days from the date their contact information was provided to OfferUp by Customer, Customer will no longer be eligible to receive a Credit for the Referral.

3. Once the Referral signs up for a Seller Program and the Referral’s first payment is successfully processed by OfferUp, the Referral will be deemed a “Valid Referral”. Each Valid Referral will earn Customer a one-time Credit that will be applied to their next applicable monthly invoice, in the amounts as follows:

a. Valid Referrals to the Motors VDP program: $100 invoice credit
b. Valid Referrals to the OfferUp Pro or Business program: $200 invoice credit 

Referral program rules and limits:

1. There is no limit to the number of Valid Referrals a Customer may earn in a given month. If You accrue multiple Credits in a given month, they will be added together until your monthly invoice total with OfferUp is $0. If applicable, any additional Credits accrued in excess of Customer’s monthly invoice total will roll over to the subsequent month’s invoice so long as your monthly services fees remain at or greater than $0.

2. In order to be eligible as a Valid Referral, the Referral cannot be:

a. an active OfferUp Seller Program customer, 
b. a lead who qualifies as a pre-existing opportunity by OfferUp, or
c. a former customer of any OfferUp Seller Program.

3. Credits are not redeemable for cash or any other items of value. Customer will forfeit any Credits earned if they terminate their subscription to their Seller Program, or at the time their Credits are earned, are either (i) no longer an active Customer, or (ii) have no future invoices with service fees owed to OfferUp.
4. Credits are not combinable with any other OfferUp promotion or discount.
5. If Customer earns a Credit during an “introductory offer” or promotional period, the Credit may not be used until the first invoice following the end of such period.
6. OfferUp may update the value of the earnable Credit from time to time. The value listed in these Referral Program Rules at the time the Referral is received by OfferUp is the amount of Credit Customer is entitled to earn.