Recruitment Scam Warning

As you explore potential job opportunities with OfferUp, it’s essential to remain vigilant and cautious about recruitment scams. Unfortunately, there are fraudsters who falsely claim to represent reputable companies, leading unsuspecting applicants into deceptive practices such as fake interviews, fabricated employment applications, and even issuing counterfeit offer letters. Their primary objective is to lure victims into paying money or sharing sensitive personal information.

As you progress in your job search, please pay close attention to the following guidelines:


  • Be wary of unsolicited communications from unfamiliar individuals or websites, especially those with inconsistent domain names.
  • Our recruiters may reach out through LinkedIn, but be cautious of solicitations via phone numbers or email addresses not associated with OfferUp. Our domain is 
  • Exercise caution if communications lack specific job details or have vague job descriptions. Be skeptical of job offers extended without a prior interview.
  • Beware of recruiters claiming to have found your resume on unfamiliar sites.
  • Avoid sharing sensitive personal information, such as national identification numbers, date of birth, social security numbers, national insurance numbers, bank account details, passport information, or any identity document numbers during the application phase.


  • OfferUp does not conduct interviews via video chat rooms like Google Hangouts.
  • Our approved interview platform is our company Zoom account. Verify our Zoom account by checking the Meeting Information icon for the “offerup” address.


  • OfferUp will NEVER request monetary payments or any monetary information during the interview process.
  • Exercise caution with job opportunities from unfamiliar individuals that seem “too good to be true.”