Good things happen when buyers and sellers act more like neighbors.

The most powerful marketplace in the world isn’t run by big businesses headquartered somewhere else – it’s powered by people coming together in their own communities to build more value right where they are. That’s why OfferUp is a marketplace with a community at its heart, where people and households can help each other, and every success story contributes to benefits all of us share.

We believe in the power of human exchange.

Because everyone has something to offer.

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We understand that building trust cannot be achieved alone. Join us as we travel across the country hosting dinners, listening and engaging with our neighbors and celebrating stories of trust and connection.

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We are all neighbors here - at least in spirit. Check out our Community Standards, embrace the simple principles, and encourage other members of the community to do the same.

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The OfferUp Community forums are where buyers and sellers come together online. They make trusted connections and mentor each other, defining the best way to operate in a protected and supportive local marketplace.
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We are inspired by stories from members of our community who have used OfferUp to make their homes, their communities, and their bank accounts a better place. If you have a story to share, please email us for a chance to get featured in a TruStories video or on the OfferUp Blog.